by John Brown's Body

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released September 30, 2008



all rights reserved


John Brown's Body Ithaca, New York


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Track Name: Give Yourself Over
Give yourself over listen the soul
Help us on over the distant shore
We can move far with the wind that blows
Pray you make our heart and our defenses hold

Wanted to be free from all the politicking that we see
This boy has traveled so long
But can't resign to defeat
So let it go and pass unseen through the silent water
Where currents flow to be near you
Have you forgotten so soon?

Help yourself out of the hole you lie
Give yourself soul that you've been denied
We can move further through bending tides
Pray that we go quick or we sleep in fire

With our defense, it prevent sickness
We hold out ground and let nobody test us
Whatever offends us, we keepin' it conscious
We moving to the riddim that reveal a new concept
And through this harvest, a musical request
Reveal itself in a manner they can never contest
We carry no unrest / we seek only reason
For the search we go sleepless for the truth is the deepest
We persist / we meditate so our minds don't regress
And if we start again, we renew our purpose
Practice to increase fitness
We focus on quickness for the mind can fool the eyes of the weak
The ground will grow it / the seed we sow won't sink into the sea
Let the lyrics of my mouth come out and better the policy
It's a gift that we can live this far and still receive, so give it over

Cannot lay down and let the time slip come sneak up on me
This boy has blessings to see / to reach you have to go deep
Cannot give up on all the signs I have fought to follow
For all these pieces made me
Have we forgotten so soon?
Track Name: The Gold
blinded by the climbing gun smoke
you know in this climate we dont get along
still you show your face up in this town and you boost more and more
acting like you got something to say but you choke on words you cant articulate
I can stand up to the games you want to play any day

are you listening to your right mind
better pay attention to you life line

I'm the one they call to make the thunder roll
so if you are feeling smart come and test the physical
that's what kids are out there getting murdered for
for a taste of the gold glittering, we bleed

your running with money you steel
don't get caught you better not slow down
your running with the money you steel
so we find it hard to get along

i dont care too much for rude boy criminals
you can pass time by flashing your pistol
you talk tough but you fade away
like tears and rain and your money wont be safe
don't get your facts twisted
this will be your last visit
to the prison for your sins you'll sit and all the gold you lifted
you can not take that what was left for the dead
that debt cant be paid
so your running away

the sun is high see how you can survive this test
you took your shots to try and silence the swift justice
its about time to get prepared
before you enter you better beware
do you dare

so consider this the motion its the fear you feel creeping in
the mind is fighting for your body to feel reason

you might want to quit your larceny
don't be caught because this situation could be ready to blow

your running with money you steel
dont get caught you better not slow down
your running with the money you steel
so we find it hard to get along

your itchy trigger finger reaching to reload
you come to school me but we fight harder than you know
you dont want to stick your head out the window
it could be cut off for we saw
your steeling all the gold
Track Name: Speak Of The Devil (feat. Vaughn Benjamin of Midnite)
Speak Of the Devil and he will appear
Speak only truth and let your words be clear- so you hear
Declare the truth in prayers you speak
To defeat all those who seek to rule with fire and fear

Don't sleep when wolves are near
You got to keep your eyes open in this atmosphere
So don't you hold on to old lies that have lost their rhyme
Keep the words that still guide you
Watch who you tell them to
Don't come seeking sympathy
You'll have to answer for things you have been promoting
You'll find that none of the laws you wrote to fight the "immoral"
Can be call natural- we oppose your guidance

You speak in parables but fighting for more devilish means
Reciting words that deceive- a lonely soul you'll be

Speak words you want to believe
Don't forget that in time they will
Fulfill their prophecy
You betray your own faith so they hear you

Don't believe the sounds you hear
How they justify proof they try to engineer
Meditate on the lies that lie in plain sight
Feel the earth move and cry out
Don't blind yourself to the truth
Don't claim you're not a part of it
You can't just shut your eyes to the world you're living in
Remember it first starts with a spark to shed some light
Now these words will ignite fires to bless the "chosen few"
Track Name: Push Some Air
We don't have another 24 hours to wait
We dream of all we can be- but we just push it away
The more we think we're moving forward we just keeping the pace
With the light that's fading from the clouds so listen to me shout
If you can't afford a dollar to take care of the pain
You're gonna need it- how you gonna feed it?
No matter who you gonna tell it to I bet they won't hear you beg
It's your decision to be part of a solution today

So your beats are broken down they can barely flow
I can't hold my tongue- we just let it blow
So help me to push it out
Use the words of your mouth to get it started- do you want it?

So we gonna push some air- won't you move your hands into the air
We gonna shout- ain't gonna stand down
Gonna push some air- won't you raise your voices so they hear
We gonna shout- scream it out clear
We gonna push some air / won't you raise your hands into the air
Give me the feeling that you're keeping the faith
We gonna push some air / won't you raise your voices so they hear?
We gonna shout / scream it out clearly

Push the music through the speakers to the extreme
The air around us is surrounded by confusion and greed
The power of our speech release disturbance in your frequencies
Winds will begin to interfere / clear the air
So if you get too high let me put you back in your place
You're gonna feel that fever's been burning your head
You want to survive the pressure better move your own weight
If you wanna live, what is the first step that you take?

We push the beat so let me see how you like it / Don't be frightened
So let me speak and we'll feed the fire tonight / making it brighter
We push the beat so let me see how you like it / Don't be frightened
We move to set it free / let me feel the vibes excite you
(They can no more stand and push us out of the way)
Track Name: Shake The Dice
We gonna send fire to teach you / shake the dice
We might take all that you own
So when you say another word we will see through games and lies
So don't you dare make a sound
So you tumble down / you're breaking your bones
The steeper the road you go
Yet we all keep fighting just to play
Said I can't pretend the disease don't show / now you're addicted and broke
Betting you can float, but in this slippery town
Just take a step and you'll drown
Same time while you're belly's full we can't get food enough
So shake in your boots we shout / we figure it out
We breaking you down
So are you strong enough / not to call or bluff
Strong enough to be free from games we play?

Shake up the dice and throw / play your hand or you fold
Shake up the dice and throw / decide are you gonna fight or make peace with me
Shake up the dice and throw / hypnotized we stumble
Shake up the dice and throw / decide are you gonna fight or make peace with me?

Our politician's hands are greased / they sold out to the beast
Represents the great seal watch as they compromise ideals
Why it's a law, Fam / witnessed and saw man
They put the guns in the hands of the youth that lost all hope
Set up as the scapegoat so people won't know the true
Nature of the beast / now watch here is the key
With just a slight of the hand the crowd it goes wild
They tighten down our shackles and all we seein' is smiles
They shaking the dice / it's just an ego device
Got addicted to games and now they're playing with life
I'm on a world tour with Elras my man
With a Mic in our hands, revealing terrorist plans

You play me too far, now we coming to your own home
To make you give what you owe
You can't help the way you shudder and shake / you're thinking too slow
You better wait 'til you're grown
You can't play your card deceiving the crowd, so keep on watching your mouth
Or maybe truth will come out
Don't break your neck just to steal the prize / play for something real
Track Name: Sky Juice
Sky juice is falling clearing the fears that we face everyday
Sky juice is all in / tears from my eyes will keep growing creation
Sky juice is falling clearing the fears that we face everyday
Sky juice is all in tears from my eyes will re-grow and create
And it rains most everyday

Skies will shake sun and moon / make the showers flow
Have no space to deceive / only time to love
How far we have to climb to / taste the spice we've grown
Can it be far?
Tears fall from the sky leaving ashes on the ground
Asking your advice please: what have we begun?
Clouds that bring the night move / so we have to run
Can it be war?

Saw the rain / wash away / and it gave us clarity
You can't take the air we breathe / senses always be with me
Another simple game to play, but so hard to sit and wait
For our turn it's time we see / to begin again it's not too late

Seeds of precious light release / flashes with no sound
Streams of lightning flow through / reaching to the sun
Thunder amplified fuel / listen to the roots
Drink the juice 'til you're full
Track Name: Ghost Notes
So who would dare speak?
As we listen to the wind silent whispering your name and reminding
Everlasting / on this night much is given and we're taking every blessing that we find
We look upon the perfect field of green
When looking for the earthly reasoning
We come across a new discovery in these the last hours of day
How fortunate we were just to have that time
We always looking for what we haven't got
We might soon be gone / keep that in mind
So don't treat it casually / those with eyes will see

So we gonna stand in this memory
Ghosts will sing we've been surrounded by the beauty of
All that they have to bring / we can never be fearful
So we gonna stay in our reverie
Ghosts will sing / we're in the presence of a greater love
Gave with every note he played
We won't be forgetful

More you receive but what fortune is worth
The pain of when your heart is empty
So come back to live for pieces of what we knew
I'll remember you for the rest of my days
Who do we serve? only seeds and dirt
And we flow to where the winds will carry
So can we be free? This body has life
It will be seen in time that we live again
Ocean of time / how fortunate we are
Fortunately we commit this soul to higher love
We can't say where we'll meet
That no one can guarantee

So we give our love to the people who would make this possible
We gonna live for those who come and gone before
If only we could ask of them one question more
How do we show our trust? These notes from us I hope you find acceptable
Due to you the life you knew but could not hold
We will accept for those who lost their fight for love
Track Name: So Aware
Just like a dream but I'm awake
Visions seen are too real
We live in fear what we create
For we cannot take the truth
My heart would break to not complete emotions spoken to me
What we see and keep turning away
So we live a life of pain
Though we're never far from rescue

I can't control the life you breathe into me
Don't let the mystery disappear / no never

I'm so aware of your body, it's blinding my sight when you are near
So aware of your crying because of a life you can't begin
So aware the fighting for dreams we lost that we left in between
So aware that I'm starving so open your heart and let me in

Just like a seed that needs the rain
Wait until divine blessings reveal
To heal our minds we forever chase
Life we make it can be cruel
Eyes can betray and be blind / don't let them lead you astray
So aware how divided we stay
So can we steal some time to play
Or have I said to much to hold you?
So let it go for nothing's promised to be
Once we leave our bodies we can dream forever
Track Name: Zion Triad
Your boots kick up the dust / and they will for maybe a thousand days
But will never cover blood / it will remain
You have convicted us / but we've committed no crime that you say
And you cannot ever stop this flood I guarantee
You're so predictable / but you make a critical mistake
Can't allow the fear to be our fate
And you will feel the touch of the many who you incarcerate
They will come in greater number, can't you see?
So we come / we can take the battle on
Break the back of Babylon / children, won't you sing along?
Know the real criminal: they come to you and sell their smiling face
Together we will reveal and see
So won't you join to beat the bastards who betray
We can no more live in fear underground for better days
We make no noise to keep the dogs where they lay
We sing to meditate then lay your powers to waste
Ready or not, we come down from the mountain to investigate the story
Nothing shake the determination from
People bleeding for the zion nation / no, it never fall
They become the weaker state and so they call it radical
For the poor people / situation now critical
Ignorant speaking / still fighting in the media
What we're all reaching for / something to deliver us
Righteous come to defeat all the beatings of the prisoner
Before it's too late
We control the party / don't forget the promise
This nation rise up and be ready for the challenge
Heaven put me here to chase away the disease
Tell the tyrannical we'll send you down to hell on your knees
So don't you belittle us / earn the trust
Or you will fall and return to dust
This Triad must rise / please realize
We're giving you fair warning
Yes, we make the criminal retreat when beaten to their hiding place
See them crumble when they come to feel the pain
They turn the pressure up / so we keep a lower profile and wait
How much longer do we suffer underneath?
Who put the barrier in between us where the children play
We did / when they came we looked away
Are we a warrior? No, we know better than to go that way
For survival we make our own society
So you speak / shackled to your policy
Believe our conspiracy will soon see supremacy
So we gonna raise a cup and dedicate to your final days
The sun will set on the dreams you seek